Guidelines for getting best result in studies:

  • Time is precious. Never waste time. A fixed time should be set aside for daily studies at home.
  • Take up first the Subject you most dislike. Once you have done this, the rest of your work will be easy.
  • Read newspapers regularly. Listen to the English news on TV. This will not only improve your English, but also widen your general knowledge.
  • Always revise the work done in the class and make sure that you have understood everything clearly and thoroughly before you pass on to something new. Feel free to ask your teacher for further explanation if you have any difficulties.
  • Work out problems in mathematics several times. More reading will be of no use.
    Cultivate an interest in games. Recreations help to refresh your mind and give new energy for study
  • There is a time for work and time for play. While studying let your whole heart be on studying and while at play enjoy it completely.
  • As you grow up, make a daily time table for your self for your study, for your meals, for rest, recreation etc., T his will enable you to cultivate regular habits, a most valuable as set in late life