Manager’s message

Worthwhile & Stars

God has a plan for all of us. Of course, a plan for our own welfare and good and not for evil. According to the Bible it is ‘to give us a ‘Future’ and a ‘Hope’. God’s plan for us is being fulfilled through different ways. One of the ways is through Education and it is through education the children become aware that there is a “future’ and a ‘hope’ ahead of them: Well, a ‘Future’ and a ‘Hope’ to become something ‘Worthwhile’ in the society. Of course, each child is ‘Worthwhile’ in himself or herself. But very often we fail to be aware of the fact that we are ‘Worthwhile’ .It is through education a child is made aware that he or she is ‘Worthwhile’. Thus, the institution provides the conditions and things to attain what is ‘Worthwhile’ in a child and to become the STARS in order to SHINE out in the society. Hence, the Institution strives to form the children of St. Dominic’s School to be the STARS of St. Dominic de Guzman according to the capacity each one has.

As St. Dominic’s School begins its new academic year 2017 – 18, the Management takes this opportunity to wish its Staff and the Students a fruitful year of education. Be the STARS of St. Dominic de Guzman, to become the bearers of TRUTH as he did.

Wish you all the Best. May God Bless you.

Fr. Biju Sabastina O.P