Our Traditions

Our Traditions / Good Practices to Observe

  • Give God the first place. Begin every class / activity with prayer.
  • Greet everyone, teachers in particular.
  • Show respect to parents, teachers, and elders and even to younger ones.
  • Be gentle, kind and helpful. Don’t hurt people’s feelings.
  • Be honest and sincere. Don’t cover up the truth.
  • Concentrate fully on your studies and avoid all dis tractions.
  • Set an achievable long-term Goal and work towards it daily.
  • Always be ready to work hard. Don’t waste time and things.
  • Learn to appreciate, be not eager to find fault with others.
  • Respect yourself, then others, especially the opposite gender.
  • Be courageous enough to say ‘NO’ to unwanted things, actions and friendships.
  • Believe in yourself. Avoid over-confidence.
  • Love your School. Don’t damage things and plants.
  • Observe the rules, regulations and instructions of the School.
  • Remember that you have to pay for your unacceptable behavior.