P.T.A. :

Parent teacher Association is an active organization, helping the management to guide the school to meet the needs of the students and society. All parents are its active members.


Parents play a decisive role in the development of students in their formative years. Therefore the school expects whole hearted co-operation from parents. Regular meetings of parents and teachers are organized during the year. Parents are also invited to visit the school personally to meet the correspondent, HM and staff especially when unsatisfactory attendance or progress is brought to their notice. The school calendar given to the students contains special instruction for parents. You are requested to read these regularly.


Parents are requested to be co-operative with the school authorities in matters of discipline, regular hours of study at home and regular attendance at school.
Parents should insist on their children to devote enough time to their lessons and homework. They should be given enough writing practice at home.
Parents should try to develop the habit of hard and conscientious work and a sense of responsibility in their children.
Parents are advised not to give any pocket money to the children. They should be advised not to purchase eatables from hawkers.
The parents are requested not to send for or take away their children during the class hours except in case of unforeseen emergency. The parents may take away their children with the permission of Principal in case of emergency.
The Parents may note that the students will not be permitted to sit for examinations if school dues are not paid.
Parents / guardians and pupils must be fully acquainted with the rules and regulations contained in the prospectus and diary.
The kind co-operation of the parents is solicited for efficient running of the school.
The payment of fees of any kind is to be paid during the office hours
Parents, guardians or visitors should not visit the classrooms during class hours or visit the teachers.
Criticism of boy’s / girl’s teacher or his / her school in his / her presence should be strictly avoided because it causes the boy or girl to lose his / her respect for his / her teacher, with the consequent failure to learn from him / her. If you have a legitimate complaint, please see the Principal.
Parents should insist on their children to take part in various activities of the school.
Parents and students are discouraged strongly from giving any kind of gifts to teachers / members of the staff.
Parents shall check the School Diary daily and take note of the communications.

All correspondence should be addressed to the Principal, St. Dominic School and should enclose stamped envelope.